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Called Luminesss to report to them my compressor wasn't working. I am a makeup club member so my compressor is covered under warranty even though I've had it for a little over 1 year. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and the woman that got on the phone said she needed to take my number down and will call me back within 24-48 hours...really. This is after I held for 15 minutes. I never could tell them what was going on and I have no compressor... Read more

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I placed an order for Luminess Air after seeing an info commercial. I live in Canada and was I in for a surprise, the cost of what was suppose to go on my credit card changed drastically not to mention a ton of little charges of under $10.00. To the point that my credit card company called me to see what was going on. I called to cancel the order told them I didn't want it felt like they were pulling some sort of scam but they sent it anyway. I... Read more

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Mine constantly sprays make up. The button does not shut it off. I will never purchase any products from your company again. You make it look like such a deal and it's nothing but suck money... I want to know when I'm done paying for this piece of ***. If I send it back I lose all the money that I got sucked out of.

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Thought it was only 29.95 not five payments of 60$

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So my dad ordered this system for my sister and I. My sister doesn't really use makeup, but I'm a makeup/beauty blogger so I figured why not. Well I tried it on (I have a birthmark that I was hoping for it to cover) was awful and all the shades didn't fit. Before opening it, I called CS and found out what their return policy is and got the info from a Daryl, he told me to just use the product, he'll extend the "money-back" guarantee date a... Read more

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U guys took money off my creditcard i got nothing. Why?????

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SUPERVISORS make processing mistakes, the product colors are completely inaccurate. I asked for the same shade in 3 different consistencies and the colors were totally different though the same shade number! Not even AVON does that! It's not worth it, and now that I know how to make my own product, bye bye fools! Wait time on the phone WILL be over 20 minutes, guaranteed, for nothing because then they screw up your requests. If you notice the... Read more

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After reading the many pages of "Account Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase" (something they hope u don't read) I realized it's a scam. They r going to charge u $20. late fees on top of $2.95 processing fees? After pages of fine print, the second to last phrase states: "Actual airbrush system shipped may vary from product shown in photograph as slight cosmetic variations may exist from lot to lot of production. " ??!? The only thing worth... Read more

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First, I order this as a "special offer", then I receive the thing, and bottles were broken/sliced and makeup is all over everything. I ask to have one of the broken/messed up bottles replaced, and Luminess declines. Then I try to use the thing and it does not perform as advertised. In fact, it is terrible. Then I start getting extraneous charges on my account, for which I did not sign up. I complain and the charge gets reversed. Then I get... Read more

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I sent back unit and all bottles unopened except for the one I used. Had a skin reaction discontinued use as per dermatologist. Sent back on 1st with tracking number to arrive there in 7th, Luminess received on 5th. They say they can't refund my money in until they receive the system, they said this happens all the time that returns linger in the receiving department until upload on consumers account. So they admit they have it but they... Read more

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