NO ONE should have to go through what I just went through speaking to a customer service rep. Although my experience with the makeup wasn't a bad one, I did not feel like it was worth the $350 I would end up paying for it.

I have never had to argue so much with a person to just return something. After I asked how I could return the product and avoid having to make payments after the trial process, the fight began. She offered to send me a different kind of foundation to try for free for a month. I politely said that I would prefer not to.

She went on telling me I should at least try a different foundation. I told her I had decided I really just didn't want to wear ANY foundation. Then she offered to have me only make 3 of the 5 payments of $69.99, getting the unit at a greatly discounted rate. I again told her I just wanted to be done with all this and just return the product.

She offered the different foundation AGAIN. At that point I was in a full blown panic attack because I was so upset and stressed that she wouldnt stop pushing me to keep something I was clearly saying I didnt want. I asked her to please stop, that I was getting really upset and didnt deserve to be treated this way just because I didn't want the product. She LAUGHED!

I have never been so upset after a customer service call. No one should ever be treated the way I was just treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OMG!! I am one of those "2:00 a.m.

purchasers" another unfortunate customer spoke of will be trying to return this product!! It is a Saturday mourning , so, of course, when I called the customer service number I received the recorded message that the service is not available on Saturday or Sunday. I see what I am in for after reading ALL of the reviews.

However, I am going to call my credit card company IMMEDIATELY after finishing this comment to initiate a "Dispute". I WILL do my diligence to ensure that this company NOT be able to stick me for ANY future charges for makeup I DON'T want or need!!


I would cancel your card and get a new one in its place. So, they can't charge your card anymore.....lol!!!

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