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My husband decided that I would just love to have this product despite that fact that I do not wear foundation (he gets a break, he had a stroke last year). So he sees the late night infomercial and thinks this is just the thing to get me for Christmas - calls and orders the expedited shipping and it arrives.

I unwrap it on Christmas and promptly bring it to work to return the next day. It is an excruciating return process. First, you have to sit through a nearly 15 minute phone call, repeatedly telling the CSR that, no, I do NOT want to keep any part of the system, I want a complete refund for the entire order and I want confirmation that the enrollment in the regular makeup shipment has also been cancelled. They refuse to confirm that they will not ship any more product, apparently that can only happen when the original order has been returned and inspected by their returns dept.

Again, am I sure I don't want to keep the sprayer? NO! I do not want any part of the kit - I want to return all of it for a full refund. Finally I'm given a return authorization # and told that I have until Jan 8th for the product to be received and inspected for damage/use/whatever by their returns dept.

So what can happen is that the package gets to them in plenty of time, but if their folks don't inspect it before the 8th or if it gets lost in transit I am out the full amount of the order and still on the hook for repetitive shipments because they won't cancel that until their system shows the original return. Or they can claim I damaged it, etc. (Note: I NEVER opened any part of the product, just the box it was packed in). I packed that crap up immediately and sent it back with 2 day delivery and paid extra for the return receipt signature so I would know it was signed for by their returns dept.

I'd better see a refund or I'll get AMEX involved and dispute the charge(s). I have copies of everything and a photo of the product in the box to be returned. I'm ready for them. Companies that operate like this are a scam - I specifically told "Tatiana" that I was at work and needed to get my return auth # so I could get back to work and she put me on hold and then tried to talk me into keeping the product 6 more times.

When a customer calls and explains that they do not want the product, would never even consider using the product, and at nearly 60 years old is not even close to being interested in airbrushing their face every day, just let them return the damn thing and move on! Questionable practices at best - beware.

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I've been on the phone over 30 minutes now...on hold...with the "returns department"...Did you ever get your issue resolved?

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