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This company is a rip-off. Tried to send back the luminess airbrush before the end of the 30 day trial, they refused it and sent it back.

When I called them to find out why they said it didn't matter since it was now past the 30 days. They have continued to try to make debits on my credit card and threaten collections. The phone number at collections does not actually connect you with anyone and the customer service line does not work (get a not valid number recording).

It's not worth the money and definitely not worth the hassle, they just want to scam you out of your money.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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I am glad I read these complaints before I ordered...guess I'll continue with what I've been using.

Thank all of you for being forthcoming about this product.


Thanx for your posts, I was thinking about trying this product out but not if its gonna be such a hassle. I would never agree to automatic shipments of a product I haven't even tried.

And those transactions without prior consent are just simply illegal. I'll pass :p


DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH. The initial charge of $39.95 is non-refundable - so it costs to try this product and it's horrible.

It made my skin very dry and did not do as advertised on television.

When I called to get the RA # I was told my first payment would not be refunded, but the additional payment of $59.99 they took out would be. The is a real rip off ladies - DON'T BUY IT.


Wow, sorry to hear about all of the problems. My system arrived today with no problems.

I can tell getting the hang of using it is not going to be as easy as it looks on tv but overall I am pleased with my first effort. Not a fan of the automated shipments so am going to cancel that, will advise if there are any problems.


After reading this I don't want to even attempt to order it thanks for your put


This company is a scam.... they charged my credit card $39.95 for the product I thought I ordered...

then turned around hours later to charge me another $59.95.... I called and threatened to report them, if they did not put my money back into my account immediately ... I am still waiting for the original order I ordered, and here we are well over a month, and still no product that I paid $39.95 javascript:ac_smilie(':(')for... so now I will retrieve my $39.95...

or I am reporting them to Consumer Affairs, and have them shut down for operating a shady business.... :( :(

to ***ed In California #852451

I tried to report them to the (houston) to no avail.......they must be getting a kick-back!!!!!!!!


This company is a scam! I am going to contact the Attorney General in Washington and file a complaint.

I ordered the product around the first of March, was charged $29.95. Then six days later was charged $59.95, and now the middle of April was charged $26.00.

I still have not received my product! I have called them twice and get nothing but the run-around.


I was concidering buying one don't think i wont to now.


Well I'm sorry this product did not work for you, but I find it the most fantastic invention in cosmetics since the start of make-up history. In the past working for a cosmetic company I have allways known that one day air brush would come to play.I beleave you were not satisfied due to the fact you could not apply it properly!

I say if you are that unsatisfied go to your computer and put it up on E-Bay or such. I'm sure someone out there would like to pick-up your so called disapointment!

to Angie from La CenterW #852462

Obviously a fake post by Luminess Air!!

Swiebodzice, Dolnoslaskie, Poland #217408

I called after the 30 days and said I don't lke it i want to return it an they said too bad your paying for it. I am blocking them from my account and submitting a complaint to my bank.

Any company that will not accept a return because I have a 30 day trial is a scam as far as i am concerned. Very poor business practice and I do not like the product either.

The colors are not right for me its pasty and this business about cleaning by backwash does not clean it at all. This hard nosed no return policy and terrible waste of time is no better than the learn how to make money on the internet scams.



Your advise is not accurate. You cannot make a transaction and afterward cancel your card to avoid charges from the legal transaction.

That's lying and fraudulent too. You can dispute the charge on your card and are not liable to pay it while it is disbuted.


DP so you are saying people should steal. because this is what you are doing!


Luminess told me on the sales call if I wanted to return I had to call and get a RA#. They also said if I didn't they would refuse it.

Sounds like that person sent it back without a ra#. I love mine. I had a minor money emergency and called and they put off my payment for a month and didn't make me feel bad about. They offered.

The electric company and my mortgage company weren't that nice. I love my system.

It makes a big difference in how I feel about myself. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39508

All you had to do was call your bank and report your debit card missing and they cancel it and anything attached to it. You get a new debit card with a new account # and anything you have set up as an instant charge no longer works.

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