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Update by user Aug 11, 2019

UPDATE: Because I used my PayPal debit card to pay the $19.99 I contacted PayPal PrePaid as soon as I saw they charged me $44.00 without my knowledge or consent. PayPal almost immediately refunded the disputed amount and to prevent them from being able to charge me anything in the future, PayPal shut that card off and sent me a new one.

It really felt good to have a huge company like PayPal Prepaid on my side - I was shocked, really. As soon as I post this I'm heading over to the Consumer Reports and Better Business Bureau websites to give them an ear-full. If enough people put this company on blast maybe they will have to stop ripping people off. I feel bad for those who ordered it and don't have the motivation to stand up against this company.

BTW, I'm also going to let both the sites that I mentioned know about PayPal and how they helped me win this battle. :) I'm pretty sure most people find time to write a negative review because they are full of anger-energy.

We need to be sure to spread the word about positive things too, right? :)

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2019

The special half-price offer of $19.99 for their airbrush system is not the only charge they will hit you with. Be aware that you will be charged at least twice that the following month, whether you order their makeup or not - something I was NOT aware of!

The other thing that really *** me off is that in order for your face to be "transformed" by this airbrush system, you must first apply concealer (not included) to your imperfections (blemishes, scars, etc), wait for it to dry and then do a first pass with their makeup. Then a second after the first pass dries, and so on until you've achieved the desired result.

If I did all that the way they tell me to, my face would be so overly-caked with makeup I wouldn't be able to smile or even frown (which I'm doing right now).

I'm going to find anything I can that says $44 will be charged to my card - and for what????

This system is NOT worth more than $20. Trust me. I'm going to send the entire thing back and hope their customer service isn't as bad as everyone says it is.

Conclusion: DON'T DO IT. It's definitely not worth it. The claims they make on t.v. are false. Their system doesn't do what they say because it requires concealer (not included) before you can use it. What a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $64.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Pros: Misleading commercials.

Luminess Air Cons: Hidden cost not being told upfront, Being cheated out of money, Makeup is orange in color, System difficult to use.

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When Queen Elizabeth I died they scraped over 1/4" of makeup off of her face to make her deathmask.

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