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I know my 30 days is past but this product I bought and never got a full price I just received an email saying I agreed to pay $59 monthly for 6 months. This is outrageous.

My product never worked right. So I started to receive from some Luminess air skin cream on a monthly basis. I called and said I did not order this and never order auto. I was given a number of confirm then asked if relative might want it and give me 50% off.

Of course I received shortly after the call in the mail 2 expensive wrinkle cream. The rudeness of the female asked me don't I want to get rid of my wrinkles. Yes, sure not for your price, I said. Well I had to call my bank and stop my debit card and money was reimbursed to me.

Now luminous air is looking for money. Well sending it back. The product is so flimsy and mine never sprayed the makeup out. I live in MA and have laws on trying to deceive clients.

I need cataracts fixed and boy are they really hiding the price of the product. If I like something I may buy it, but want to see the whole price, how much I paid into it and what is owed on it. I have one from years ago and never paid that much for it and it works fine. Other places sell this product too.

They have one nerve charging that price for false advertisement too. My product does not work and am returning it and the makeup I did not use and that is it. No one has the right to charge a price to get out of some contract that you do not even know how much the product is that is fraud. I am going to play to ship back and if I get a charge I will report to our attorney general and BBB for to rip people off especially us who needs cataract surgery and can not see the small print.

I had to fight Discover credit card you have no idea they did not care my husband died and I found hidden credit cards in. his drawer and he put my name on it. Well I do not drink quarts of Milwaukee beer or get one quarter of pound of cold cuts at the store or gas. That for sure is not a female's credit card.

I won, but those suckers sent me monthly 40lbs *** paperwork and could not find my signature on one thing. I am tired of companies taking advantage of people especially when we are living month to month me pension check. It seems all companies even electric and gas go up and up and cable should be outlawed. How dare we have to hook up to get tv.

I am trying to find a box and watch what I want. Oh I am told you have 400 stations yes sports, no English, repeats, all month. I am going to refuse to pay anything for a product I do not like. I have been ill and time passes I am 67 years old and 30 years of nursing has done it toll on my body and these people what do they do advertise.

Do to pay for product you send back.

Good Luck and indeed change the credit card you payed on or debit tell them they are going to charge you for product you sent back. Joan

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Luminess Air Cons: Attitude that the woman gave me, Deceptive advertising, Should issue warning can cause reaction if it gets in your eyes, Being sent product.

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It even shows in the commercial where it says "You will receive auto ship every 4-6 weeks" If people don't care to read that....how is that the companies fault???

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