LOL...Wow! a whole 15 minutes...

I have waited longer then that for a utility company's customer service to answer. I know, we would all like to think that CS reps are just sitting there waiting for our call, unfortunately they have other customers. There product is so WONDERFUL we want everything to be that GREAT. Cut them some slack they're probably so busy because all the people who think they are getting a unit for i.e.

$19.99 and don't understand the "Free Trial" period, and don't read the terms and conditions of the offer.

Hope you got your unit replaced, and I do apologize, it's just that I rant in favor of them... "VIA la Luminess Air" I have NEVER had a problem with them, and will remain a customer FOREVER

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Luminess Air Pros: It was g great, Great customer ser, I small mistake was made on my order and they fix it right away.

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Unfortunately you can read the fine print and you pay for the trial. The fine print says nothing about restocking fees or that you never see a return if you send it back.

Nor that you joined a club. And the payments . Well when they email the receipt they are more than was stated in the fine print. so retuning the product does not good..

They have you Credit card number and keep on going. You hear a new story and price every time they sent something. And there is not much of any way to stop them according to my bank short of cancelling my credit card which I need. It takes awhile to get a new one..

Also the bank informs me they have at times been able to push payments through after you turn down charges on you card proving to the bank you sent it back called them.. Oh the restocking fees are huge.. and right now after the info commercial scammed people they toss a sale and it is half what they charged. They are so far thing I owe 400.00 and I only have the basic kit I sent back?

They lie, cheat and ***. I have a receipt stating I paid the first trial price . It came off the web site. I got one in the email.

Surprise I owed much more than was stated in fine print. I returned not a dime back in months. And they sent a letter telling me when they would draw the 79.00 payment plus when they would send more makeup. They do not quit.

short of closing my bank account there seems to be no answer and my pay check is on auto deposit and most of my bills are auto draw..

so i'm glad your are happy.. it appears I am ripped off 480.00 worth so far.


In the first sentence of the second paragraph, it should be "than" not "then".

Let the response from the maniac... I mean author... of this review begin!


paid by Luminess Air


Im thinking you work for them... also, learn to use proper grammar / spelling i.e. 'There' should be 'Their'


NO, I don't work for them... and what else do you think I do for them, because you used ETC...

That means listing more things... Your user name should be Pot-Kettle-Black, YEA! you know the use of grammar... Let's review.

Im should have an apostrophe, it's I'm. It looks just like the one's you used instead of "quotations" around 'There' it should be "There". Hope YOU'RE not a proof reader, "there's" ( oh how fancy...' and ") a lot more. To use the term "Proper Grammar" is redundant, Grammar by definition alone is "proper".

Grammar is a system of rules that defines the proper grammatical structure of a language. By the way, what did I spell wrong? I mistakenly used the wrong homonym, but FYI Einstein, There Their and don't forget... They're....

are all spelt right! It is always better to just LOOK the fool, then to open your mouth (or type) and remove ALL DOUBT. With that being said, you should have "PROOF READ" the terms and conditions (and read, is correct it's a homograph) BUT it's so obvious you didn't "READ" them, because THERE is a stick, 30 day NO WHINING YOU *** CLAUS and I don't mean Santa...

Have a good day CUPCAKE.


What a weirdo


No she's right she used the right there.



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