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I saw an ad on the internet and the site did not proceed as it should to order on my own, so I had to call to place my large order. I should have taken that as a sign.

Ive not had success all my adult life finding perfect matching makeup, etc.

So, I thought Id give this a try.

I ordered a lot, and PAID IN FULL FOR ALL MY ITEMS. I stressed to the customer service rep, LUNINESS had NOT BETTER TOUCH my bank accounts thereafter, as that was why I purchased all in full. Later, after I try the products, and IF I LIKED THE PRODUCTS, I WOULD order at a later time. I was not interested in my bank account to be devoted every month.

So, if this was the case, I would proceed. She assured me that would NOT HAPPEN!

I wanted to try the products first to see if they were a match, the quality, texture, etc. Im 61! I have had time to do so as Im busy raising a disabled grandson.

With this pandemic, Ive not worn makeup, have not gone anywhere to wear makeup, and therefore the items sit in my room. Ive tried, by hand, one product, but still have not tried the airbrush nor the rest.

Since my original purchase and the PROMISE that my bank accounts would NOT BE TOUCHED, I have received packages in the mail, which Ive NOT ORDERED, NOR HAVE NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO SEND ME ANYMORE, and certainly not gave permission to debit my account!!!!

I have emailed Luminess a few times to to say, STOP IT AND REFUND MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY. I did not order anything. I am NOT on a MONTHY DELIVERY!

NO REPLIES to date!!!

This has been a nightmare. Poor ethics and poor customer service!

I request to be refunded for the shipments AFTER my original purchase. Since nobody has cared nor considered to read my emails, nor acknowledge them and put me on ignore, Id like to know how much more youre going to compensate me for my time and efforts for this poor professionalism?

Once again TODAY, I received ANOTHER PACKAGE! WTH??!!

SO, I called.

Im on hold... Then it says, to leave a message and you will return my call. Really?!?! You will?!?!

you need to refund me ASAP as I never ordered anything more!!!!

I am a BEEY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER, and one that could have been a good customer should you treat me with care and kindness. Too late....

I didnt know I could add pics of billing, but thats private and YOU HAVE MY INFO AND COPIES OF WHAT YOU CHARGED ME!

Pissed customer in CO

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Account.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I was going to do the same. Fully pay for over everything in advance.

I’m not going to do it now. I’ve read so many bad experiences with this company I’ve decided it must be a ripoff. If it worked that great I wouldn’t see so many of them for sale on other sites, such as EBay & Amazon. Thank you, I have the feeling that if I had followed through I’d be in the same position you found yourself in.

I hope you complained to the Better Business Bureau. They might not help anyone do anything but enough complaints will tell people to be aware.