I was reading this stuff some jokers have been saying about my Luminess Air System and I am pissed off at the losers and who complain about this great product. I'm pissed off that some people don't understand that this is the a way that women of color and can get the same wonderful look that Beyonce and Alicia Keyes has.

I'm a dark tan color with rich mahogany undertones and girl I look good in my F-8 foundation.

When I call for more makeup or for a problem I get nice ppls who treat me right. I don't know what's got up your b---- but Luminess is good stuff.

Review about: Luminess Air Foundation.

Monetary Loss: $229.

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I seen it on tv and it looks wonderful now im rethinking about ordering it!! Does anyone no of another company that really works :upset


:( after reading all these reviews I won't be buying one of these devices...


I just received my Luminess and though there is a learning curve I am loving the results!


You need to learn proper grammar and you also need to learn not to insult other consumers. Maybe this product worked for you, but you're not the center of the universe.

Did it ever occur to you that other consumers weren't as fortunate?

After reading your ridiculous comments, I'm convinced all the more that this product is not for me. Thanks to you, I will not be ordering it.


I use to work for Dinair and they hate Luminess Air! They have been posting countless bad reviews about Luminess and Temptu.

These people are really pissy. Just call Dinair and ask for Diana's husband and you will know in 5 seconds how he hates Luminess.


"Pretty Good Stuff" should change their name to "Pretty Lousy Fake Reviewer/Spammer" - stick to providing your bogus praise in your company's even more bogus false informercial advertisements - anyone with even bad vision can see the "models"/spokespeople are all wearing makeup already and only "fake" spraying their faces


just goes to show the education level of those people


Where the *** are you from? Learn to speak English! Rich mahogany undertones my a--


I bet that's someone from the company. they are famous for posting fake reviews.


why are you on a site called 'pissed consumer' if you love your luminess so much. i say 'ringer'.

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