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So I have been dealing with the Luminous Air *** since 9-16-2014 and just get more frustrated every time. I ordered it as a gift and when they sent back the confirmation it said there would be a monthly charge of $79.99 and an additional $39.99 everyother month for makeup.

There was noway I could pay that nor could the recipient of my gifts. I called for a Return Allowance, never even opened the boxes and returned them at my expense of $32.00. I received a confirmation that they were received and it would be 5 business days to complete. Today is the 9th day and nothing so I called again.

I was told my refund would be a total of $51.30 (I paid $79.82) and that it would be another 5 days before it would be paid.

I told them that I was very unhappy with this entire procedure and I would be posting this to my page on facebook and will tell everyone I know that this is a scam.

So here it is. If this helps keep just one person away from these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $112.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Trial unclear refund half of cost.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1333976

Thank you all so much for warning us. We have decided not to order.

Sorry you all got ripped off. BK

Hephzibah, Georgia, United States #944216

Thank u I was just about to order

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #893150

Glad to hear that I was thinking bying it as a gift to my wife thanks for you posting this complaint like this I will pass the troubles

to Anonymous #893194

I have since looked at some of the other items offered like bare minerals and wen and they have the same type of recurring charges...I am glad it helped.

Baytown, Texas, United States #893128

I was about to order only I actually read all the conditions and fine print. There is no way I would ever get involved with such a scheme as this one is.

No matter how good the product.

The TV ad is very misleading! PEOPLE READ ALL THE CONDITIONS before ordering.


Luminess Air is NOT upfront with us about the monthly payments during the infomercials nor anytime in any way before the item is purchased.

The price is ridiculous and insulting, as we are being sold a product and given a price quote, NEVER being told that there will be additional monthly payments.

Thank you for this review. I was about to purchase this product, and decided to look into reviews for it.

I will be looking for other reviews, as it seems there are more unhappy customers.

Thank you for saving me the money and hassle. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Luminess Air Response

Hi Carol,

I want to apologize for your experience with returning your items back to Luminess Air.I want to also clarify that the 2 Airbrush Systems that were ordered online where both 30 day in home trial offers and for this misunderstanding we offered to cut the price to only 1 monthly payment which you had declined.When items are sent back we are under the impression that the items are used, as it is for you to try for 30 days to see how well you like the system.We have honored a full refund for the trial price since you did not use neither system so I am not sure why you would consider this a scam when all Terms and Conditions are online where your order was placed. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-793-7474 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm CST if you would like to further discuss this issue as you have already been taken care of by Luminess Air.

to Luminess Air Response #891663

This sounds like bs, and you know it.The point is you still were going to charge her all that money, and she had to go through all this before you 'honored the full trial payment'. You did not want to refund her fully, And saying that you ASSUME the productwas used when it clearly was not is another bs excuse.

BS BS BS, and you know it!

These people ARE being scammed because we are never told upfront that you will be charging us this ridiculous amount when we are given a completely different price.

No. You've got to do better than this, as you've already lost the trust of your customers.

Bad business.

Not good.

to Anonymous #891769
Luminess Air Response

Hi There,

When ordering a 30 day in home trial, who would not assume that it is going to be used? You are paying to try the product and if it is a misunderstanding on the customer's end we do honor the situation as we are aware of the Terms and Conditions but realize that most customer's do not read them.I am not understanding how you feel this way when everything is fully disclosed. It is up to the consumer to read what is being purchased which is why our company is no where near a scam and A+ with the BBB .

to Luminess Air Response Montreal, Quebec, Canada #893156

So why you did not check the product upon receiving it back from your customer you had 9 days to check it and then reimburse instead of thinking the product was use it is very bad that you react after seeing all the bad comments instead of having satisfied customers posting their satisfaction and how professionals and competent you were.it is too late now

to Luminess Air Response Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #910058

Hi my name is Carmen and i was about to order your product Luminaries Airbrush but after i decided to read the complaints and reviews i can't believe my eyes...I can't understand why your company is still allowed to air this commercial on tv...this is so unfair and i must say that I am so happy that I didn't get involved with your Luminaries Airbrush because you can't treat people this way this is very bad business.

to Luminess Air Response Hephzibah, Georgia, United States #944218

U never say in commercial or online that we will b charged a monthly fee. This is false advertising and I'm reporting u

to Luminess Air Response Hephzibah, Georgia, United States #944225

No longer A+ u and ur scam gave been reported. U lie and it basically stealing ur product fails and not worth 're trouble of dealing with u

to Luminess Air Response #893201

My order was made after watching your infomercials...At NO time did they mention that there were going to be the ongoing charges that being on SS there is no way I could pay and I certainly did not expect my daughter and my sister to have to pay for a gift. I did not know about the charges until you send me an email stating what would be taken from my account.

I called as soon as I got the email and told you I would not be using any of it and that I planned to return them immediately. You need to make it clear that this is not "a deal" as if you order you will have to pay hundreds of dollars. I did not even look at the contents and only opened the box per your instructions to remove the green packing slip and write the RA number on it. I didn't get nearly what it costs me to receive them and also had to pay the return shipping that you said needed to be ups or fed ex and insured.

It cost over $30.00 just to ship.

You can bet I will make sure that I do not order anything from an infomercial again and I will continue to tell anyone I talk to that you are not forthcoming with what the actual charges will be. Regardless of you claim that you are being honest if customers will go to your web site and read all of the legalese.

I do not feel that you are reputable and that you ARE taking advantage of those of us who thought that your product would be a gift someone would appreciate.

to Carolb Fairmont, West Virginia, United States #963265

I really "love" how they ship via FedEx SmartPost which rarely updates and then is sent to your Post Office(if it's lucky to make it that far) but to return you have to use a more expensive and reliable method.. SmartPost is notorious for loosing and misrouting packages.

However, I have to say that I really like my system and all of the "fine print" was obvious to me before I submitted my order(online). I am not sure about the commercial or phone ordering..

It is a pricey system, but I use mine for everyday make up and all of my daughters friends come over to have their Halloween make up done and happy girls = happy mom

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