Returned this item. I have olive tan skin and I'm in my late 40's with fine lines around eyes and forehead.

I also have my face planed so I don't have a lot of fine hairs on my cheeks and jaw area. I take really good care of my skin and don't look my age. My issue: Dark patches (melasma) on cheeks and upper lip. First time trying airbrush but have tried most everything else (Liquid, solid, powder foundations and almost every concealer out there) but hate how much product I need to use to conceal patches.

My comments come after several tries on cleansed, moisturized and primed skin. Pros: Well made, nice configuration in kit, DVD and written instructions, foundation coverage was pretty good. Cons: Foundation colors were off (one went on orange, the other beige - I have yellow undertones- mixing didn't help) and card that showed alternative colors were too light or too dark, took some time getting the hang of using stylus and hard to tell where make up was spraying, the unit buzzed but it wasn't too loud, had to use more foundation than I thought (3-4 drops = 1/4 of my face), ended up layering on areas that needed more coverage and texture began to look unnatural. Worst of All...The product DOESN'T stay on unless you absolutely don't touch your face.

It seems the product floats on top of your skin which sounds great, but anything that contacts your face (eyeglasses, tissue to blow nose, scratch an itch on face, etc), that area easily rubs off and it's noticeable. No amount of blending will give the same finish as airbrushing and you end up blending your entire face so it matches or taking most of it off.

I tried setting powder, setting spray but nothing worked. I had such high hopes for this but it ended up back in the box.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Luminess Air Pros: Price, Configuration of kit, Quality of product.

Luminess Air Cons: Product comes off too easily, Foundation colors were off, Used more product than they claim you need.

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