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No me gusto para nada el lumines

Quiero devolverlo. Duganme a que direccion?


My gift for ordering

Why is it , ,I ordered back in November 2017, and I still havnt received my free gift for becoming a luminess customer. I've been promised and lied to about this several times even when I've made purchases, PLEASE DONT MAKE ME FEEL STIPID FOR MY ORDERS!!


update my payment info.

how can I update my payment info, and how much is my next payment?


Can't get info on account need balance cancel auto order


Hi this is Niezelme Luminario ,i just want to ask that how many days for shipments fir this product, because I order the luminess airbrush on November 3 .I just wondering why till now i didn’t get the product yet.Thank You


foundation color change

I keep getting #2 foundation but had requested the next color up. #2 is too light for me.

I have several bottles unopened.

Can I send them back and get darker color? And a refund or credit?


Account statemeny

How do I get a statement of my account? I thought I was supposed to only pay 4 installments and they just charged me for #5.



How do I get them to stop sending me this makeup?


Can. I use my on makeup if i dilute it the make i got with the kit is to orange


Thank you so much for your inquiry. Luminess Air is designed to be used with Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetics only.

Using other products in your system is not recommended, as this will void out your Luminess Air standard 1 year warranty. Our even number foundations are for red and pink undertones and the odd number foundations are for yellow and olive undertones.

Please give us a call at 1-888-793-7474 and we'll gladly assist you with finding your perfect color-match. :)


Why has my unit stopped spraying?

I have had my unit for less than a year and did not start using it regularly until October. I have cleaned it after every use with water, shake it dry, and gently dry with a Q- Tip.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed the coverage was not as even and it was taking longer and longer to empty the make up holder although it would empty a full holder of water in about 30 seconds. I ordered the cleaner and have used it several times, however, the spray is decreasing daily to the point that even after 3 or 4 minutes only half of what I put in the holder is used and it takes more than a minute to empty just plain water.

Please advise. thanks


August 11, 2017

I am having the same problem. I am being very gentle with the stylus, cleaning

after each use etc.

Still love the product, but I am to the point I am using way too much foundation which will become costly!!! Is the styler not working correctly and I need a replacement? I do hope I get an answer or response asap.

I have told several friends about Luminess Air hoping your company will get new customers. My daughters want to purchase theirs, but suggested they wait until I get answer from you.


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