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I just can't understand where any of the confusion stems from as far as billing goes...Yes the trial is advertised as either 29.95 or 19.95, but as I went through the checkout process and read the entire agreement they made plainly clear in black and white regular sized font that if I did not return my order within the 30 day trial period, I would begin immediately being charged 59.99 every 30 days for 5 months, plus the 62.50 for the foundation every 60 days (if I didn't choose to cancel automated makeup).

Maybe they have changed it since you ordered... But I was given all of the information and upgrade options up front.

Nothing hidden.Looking forward to using this system!

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After reading all the bad reviews I'd never order from them!!!

Bakersfield, California, United States #1280943

My experience was by calling in over the phone late one evening and then they do not share any of that with you about additional costs or on-going fees to purchase the machine.It is a scam and there are so many people falling for this its sad!

Shame on this company it's nothing but a scam all dressed up nice and pretty!Wolf in sheep clothing RUN DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!

Sugar Hill, Georgia, United States #1263425

True, nothing hidden, but that is probably the only part that is true.Having read reviews of people being caught in a trap, a scam, time extension and such, when there was no time extension, customers have been scammed.

I have had this experience myself with at least three other companies over the years. It isn't what they promise you that is the problem, that in fact is the draw.

The problem is they do not stand behind what they have promised you and they let time elapse until you cannot make a return and they also start charging your credit card as if you wanted this and/or they will not let you cancel.I wish you well with yours and hope you get treated right but this is a typical and very old timey scam.


jane doe here.the key word here is listen carefully to every word they say on tv.

along with other companies in corporate america, they have these promotions to catch your interest. you think as i did, well heck i can afford 19.95. always know there is a catch to everything these days. always read terms and conditions, do not skip over them trying to catch something you may have missed.

or else you will miss some very key points. i would love to have this luminess air system. but i know reality, no one can make themselves look flawless and perfect. yes we all love to try and hide our flaws by using these products such as this one and all the wrinkle free look younger products.

i have not run into one yet. there is only one way to get rid of these feelings and quit being used by these companies. learn to love what you have on you. embrace your natural beauty.

know that you with all your flaws, are beautiful and well deserving of all the good things in life. yes looking beautiful boost our self confidence and esteem. but loving ourselves and caring about our own self is so much easier and cheaper too!! the internet is full of home remedies that you can find that are natural and really do work.

nature takes care of nature. every plant was put on earth for some purpose. these solutions all come from one of those plants or many. go straight to the source.

learn what you can do to make your own products at home. we all love to fix ourselves up for a romantic night or just to feel better. read read read what each site is saying in terms and conditions. take your time and read them.

no matter how long they are. research online every product you are thinking about trying. most trials lead to companies sending out bills and more makeup, and somewhere in those terms and conditions, are exactly written in little black letters what the real deal is. read the fine print.

research before buying, read all fine print, then make a decision if you are gong to purchase or not. being in the retail scene as a manager of a small box store, i know not all complaints are true. but most folks do have a valid reason for complaining. as far as the eye can see on the show, there is given no reason for anyone to think it is a cost of anything but 19.95.

one time deal. but here i am reading all your complaints and using them as a decsion maker for me. and i truly have heard most of these complaints before at other companies and they are mostly true. as much as i would love to try luminess air, i will not be doing so.

yes i know all of the cost associated with ordering this product as i have read what the company has failed to inform by word of mouth. but you also have a part in this decision to recieve thier products. ask questions. knowledge is power.

and if you do not understand what they are saying, ask again. this company could help control these pages of complaints by being up front and loud and clear what thier conditions and process is. i would rather buy from a honest customer service rep than find out later i have been dooped by not even asking questions about the process or i didnt research enough to know what i was getting myself into. but more angrier that the rep didnt take the time to inform a customer who is spending thier hard earned money on thier product, that is just not acceptable at all.

no one is going to watch your money more safely than you, but they are sure going to love watching it come into their bank account because you did not take the time to ask questions or read the fine print. its a two wait street folks do your part. dish out the blame on the ones who didnt safegaurd your money, dish out the blame on the one who is taking it without respecting your hard earned money by informing you up front. i hope everyone is beautiful and happy today.

as for me, its back to my home remedies which are all over the internet and are free!!!!!much love and gentle hugs.....

to Anonymous Livingston, New Jersey, United States #1252106

Just because someone purchases an air brush system doesn't mean that they don't love the way that they look lol...I ordered it for convenience reasons and I LOVE IT!

It takes me 20 minutes from start to finish to do all of my makeup thanks to Luminess. It has worked perfectly from day one. Your long diatribe amounts to nothing but know it all nonsense.

You can't decide why somebody does something, and even if it would be to make themselves feel beautiful, oh well!They can do that and be just fine.

Washington, United States #965160


Racine, Wisconsin, United States #958135

So glad I saw this on my way to site to order. If it sounds to good to be true ....

to Kim #958183

Kim... This was a positive review...



The last thing I'm going to attempt to point out is... If a company is selling a 30 DAY TRIAL for $19.95, then how do you not know that after those 30 days there will be more money to pay? It's just common sense!!

Aye yie yie...I think I'm just wasting my breath.


Penny...It does not tell you until you actually check out.

See the pictures that I posted along with my review. It's all there in black and white. It is normal for an airbrush system to cost that much, especially when they are letting you pay monthly. You can also purchase the system on HSN.com for like $160.

No monthly payments...All up front.

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