I had broken my payments into smaller payments and actually were making them before due.While on vacation my purse etc was either lost or stolen.I contacted them immediately to inform them that my bank will be issuing a new card and I will CONTACT them and let them know all updates.Each time I called I received a different person and was assured they had made a notation to my acct.Meanwhile we had NOT received a replacement card and our bank informed us that one of the merchants we used had been hacked so all cards had been cancelled and would be replaced.MEANWHILE they suggested we relay that info to ALL merchants we deal with.Which we did.Again informed by yet ANOTHER cust serv rep that all is ok just keep them updated.I was bombarded by emails (which I replied to)and was told I needed to CALL yet again a repeat the same thing I had been telling them during updates.We finally received a card only after learning my identity was possibly stolen and urged not to use the card because a previous card had been sent out that we never received.Then today I check my bank account to see that not only had they taken the payment but tacked on a $20 late fee after being told no action would be taken until I contacted them with update.

I was livid!And I swear on all I hold dear I must have been an idiot to fall into this trap after I had decided to cancel it and should have gone with my first mind.Now this little stunt has set us back to identity theft investigation all over.bank fees for being overdrawn and general big mess all over less than $50 just because of greed and stupidity.They gave their word and didn't keep it.If $50 is what their reputation is worth to them then good riddance.It will definitely be the last they get from me and I WILL spread the word about how they operate all over the social media.I hope this helps someone from being a victim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $49.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Pros: Color matched.

Luminess Air Cons: Unauthorized payment.

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