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I ordered this product based on television commercials, and thought that the price of $34.91 as very reasonable. I assumed that the replacement makeup would cost more down the line, and that was how the company planned to earn its profit. WRONG!

Once I received my confirmation invoice, I noticed the fine print: "Customer Service may be reached M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM Central Standard Time by dialing toll-free: 1-888-793-7474.

You will see a charge of $34.91; on your credit card today, and then after thirty days there will be 5 monthly payments of $69.99 for the cosmetics system, each charged to customer provided credit card(s)."

Are they kidding me??? At a total cost of $384.86 I NEVER would have ordered this product! I really wish that the commercials would have been a little more upfront, and I should have looked for the fine print at the time of ordering.


T. Clark

Perry, Georgia

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

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I saw an infomercial and called the company to inquire about the TOTAL cost of the machine. After I FINALLY got the representative to give me a price, which was outrageous, I told him I was NOT interested in purchasing their product.

I have been HOUNDED with phone calls and text messages since dialing the number for Luminess Air Makeup.

Once your phone number shows up on their caller ID, they will hound you to death to buy their product. As tempting as it might seem, DON'T DIAL THEIR NUMBER.


Thank you for posting this I was about to do that 34 dollar pay.i would had lost it if I was charged 69 for 5 months.i can barely read due to eye problems in the first place


I was really really wanting to try this for many years and I wanted to love it but I hate it and it makes me look older sits in my wrinkles and the company is a scam they take your money if you cancel the week to contact you until after the expiration of your trial or after they’ve sent you make up that you didn’t order. My suggestion if you really really want to try this airbrush system get on OfferUp or a site like that and buy one for $25-$50 from somebody else.

I was really really wanting to try this for many years and I wanted to love it but I hate it and it makes me look older sits in my wrinkles and the company is a scam they take your money if you cancel the weight to contact you until after the expiration of your trial or after they’ve sent you make up that you didn’t order. My suggestion if you really really want to try this airbrush system get one off OfferUp or site like that and buy one for $25-$50 from somebody else Save your money on their trial scam because it’ll cost you more in the end


LUMINESSAIR-AGREEMENTOne thing they can't deny is the product back within 30 days so if anybody still has time SEND IT BACK before it's too late! And if they don't hold up their end of the bargain you can dispute it with your bank record your phone calls save your emails and videotape returning it at the post office and don't lose the receipt


I, too, was all primed to order this product ..... until I read the reviews.

It's a shame companies like this can continue to do business.

I really appreciate all the reviews and warnings from others unlucky enough to have believed the ad and made the purchase. I sincerely hope you get all your money back.

to Hellzapopn #1495818

I agree. I'm glad after getting scamed in the past with online products, I read reviews. Thank you and I to hope you all get your money back.


Thank you for the warning! I’m sorry for your loss but I will not be ordering from them!

Mckinney, Texas, United States #1356028

I was going to order this bit after reading these reviews I will not be making that mistake. Thank you for the warnings!!!!

to Anonymous Feltham, Hounslow, United Kingdom #1356391

Exact same only I'm in uk now have 3 weeks to get it back to them

Mankato, Minnesota, United States #1350083

My experience exactly. They are scamming customers with commercials and online offers that are dishonest.

They make it impossible to return the items for credit.

I have my bank working in my side but this is a scam. If there product is as good as they claim they should be able to market and sell it in an honest manner.

Duluth, Georgia, United States #1272192

Do the words "Due Diligence" mean anything, to anyone, anymore! I learned a long time ago from my parents, buyer beware, and "If it sounds to good to be true...it probably is.

So with that being said I would like to point out the following OBVIOUS warning flags that should have made you say HUMMM??

1. If you were buying the system outright for the low price WHY would there be a "trial period". ALWAYS ask what happens after the 30 days... Next, go to the website, their systems are priced at $199.99 to $349.99 with make-up.

The make-up alone is 18 to 40 dollars a bottle. Do a little bit of research, because it CLEARLY STATES the conditions of the offer...OH, and speaking of conditions, there is a little (OK BIG) thing call "The Terms and Conditions" you don't have to read it word for word BUT AT LEAST skim through it!! If you had just done that you would have saved a lot of aggravation and money. Unless you really thought you were going to get a product that cost 2-3 hundred dollars of 19.99 oh and FIY I would pay ???

Don't even want to say how much I would pay for mine. BUT IT IS WONDERFUL and wouldn't (couldn't) live without it. Buy the way I went to the website and found a system on sale came with no make, so I wasn't enrolled in the make up club, BUT the unit was only 79.00 on sale!! HOMEWORK PEOPLE most good deals or steals don't come to you sitting on your couch at 2 a.m.

in the morning you have to go after them and find them. Hope you've learned something...

It's sad though when people think a $300.00 product is really only $19.99. You should be grateful you can make payments because their product is WONDERFUL and well worth it.

to dessip #1338607

How long have you worked for them? So obvious that you are a fake reviewer. Disregard this employees review.

to Paris665 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1348236


to Paris665 #1495826

LoL, rude much.. So fake .

to dessip #1400135

Yes, she should have read the fine print, but she was within the 30 day trial period. That means when she realized the scam, (and it is a scam) she should have been allowed to return it. They are not abiding by their own rules, and that is a BIG problem.

to dessip #1417847

Most of the reviews I've read talk about the poor quality of the product and the very rude customer server reps. Also, their refusal to follow their own advertised return policy.

So even fully aware of the price, it still sounds like a poor product and a shady company. Glad I didn't order.

to dessip #1419124

I'm glad your experience was good.. Doesn't seem the majority of other consumers shared your same joy though.

I have seen your response on a couple other customer complaints. You seriously sound like you are being compensated in some way by this company. Let me ask you a question- if the product is so wonderful and the true pricing is obvious, why do they prey on insomniacs and other vulnerable people? Playing infomercials late at night.

As a consumer, I personally would read the terms and conditions but am sure elderly or younger people could miss this information. Its disqusting and clearly a problem. Hence all the complaints.

No one asked for your advice. Unless you represent this company, your smart *** response is unhelpful.

to Star #1440447

I thought the Exact same thing when I read her review. She was so condescending and rude I couldn't even believe it! I agree with you, people should thoroughly read the terms and conditions, but as you said, many younger people don't even know to do that.

to dessip #1422715

Employee. Fake review.

I'm so happy I did do my research as you suggested before I got scammed.

I'm gonna go to E Bay or Amazon and buy a $30.00 air brush kit. Probably exact same thing.

to dessip #1440454

I thought the point of this website was to review a product and anything going along with said product. Not to be condescending in every single way to a reviewer.

Your comments such as 'I'd like to point out the following OBVIOUS"..... and "HOMEWORKPEOPLE!" and this one was real good "Hope you've learned something"?! How can you be so condescending to somebody. This site is to review a product not to comment on someone's review of said product.

I agree, you must work for the company or something but if so, you should be fired for the way that you speak to people!..... but, reading all the reviews about their poor and rude customer service Representatives, you must get bonuses for the way you speak to people!

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