To me it is fraudulent to have an ad on tv saying 19.95 and you think you are getting a bargain. First of all some how I got one broken.

I moved and had the original. I bought the original with no hidden costs of how much the item is. To me anyone that is handy in making any electronics could make this. I say spray your makeup on.

This is by no means an item that is being used by make-up artist. I then started to receive and I never order auto, luminous skin cream for wrinkles. I called them and supposedly not related to the make up, but stopped the whole order. I have skin condition and have to be very careful what goes on my eyes for near them.

I was told, we will give you 50 percent off after them telling me you do not want to get rid of your wrinkles????? The 50 percent off was for if I continued to buy this and give to my relatives. Well my kids have autoimmune problems one has psoriatic arthritis and most have allergies to this stuff offered to make you look like a movie star. Do you really believe these no wrinkle stars have not used any other treatments than the cream.

Wrinkles are genetic for sure. All of sudden so many are telling us we got the miracle. The HGH is used for certain reasons it was prescribed for one of my grandkids and the orthopedic let it go. Thank goodness she is female and going now to be very short.

It is supposed to be used for kids that before puberty that will be short in stature. She is proportioned though, but she will have problems in the future. Now they are offering this. Just think HGH and having one cancer cell waiting what are your risks getting cancer or have it grow.

There was one cream the freeze you can buy over the counter is a fix for then. I needed surgery for extra skin on my eyes and if waited insurance would of payed. For eventually it blocks your vision. That extra skin is not wrinkles and is genetic.

No cream will change that. My bank was notified and I told them I never order auto. So I know they stopped payment to them. I would find your color of makeup that is water soluble and mix it with distilled water and get a spray bottle.

If you knew the price I have no problem, but having it in so small print or no price on the site shows me there is a problem. Ladies shop around there are no miracles. My advice get good quality and natural products. To me we all age and sure use what you can, but do not pay big bucks.

You might as well go and get a good plastic surgeon. I saw on one show someone that sells Argon oil products, I was shocked to see her. I have bangs and so does she, but she looked like a teen. We can not stop the inside aging process and it is about time we start looking at what the inside of people are not the outside.

How many deaths have their been from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. No 3rd world country has that. If they are not upfront with the price, let it go. If you have to advertise over and over you tell me.

I do like the copper pans though, but get them at discount store. These people are getting paid to sell you what they know you might want. Get a good bronzer it covers a lot. For crepe skin caffeine and vitamin C with retinol works do not pay big bucks to make others rich.

Do research and look. I do like Amazon for that reason, Prime. Any problem no questions asked and some of big buck stuff is offered much lower. Like orthopedic shoes costs well over 100 dollars got pair for 30 dollars.

So for this makeup machine and all the wrinkle cream sent to me I could of gotten a bit downpayment on a plastic surgeon. Supposedly you get packages and they say free gift nothing is free.

Unless you are told why I like Amazon and prime no delivery charge. I just wrote a review and ASAP it was picked up and one in the mail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Serum Free Trial.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You mentioned the copper pans and they say mon scratch NOT true they do scratch my friend ordered 2 sets and sent both back.


Wow this is one k f the most directionless .rants I have fe d in a long time. All I had to do was Google.

LUMINESS AIR TOTAL cost. I found out it cost $199.00 took me all of 5 seconds. I'm sorry if tour old and tour eyes right is failing you bit when they say " for an initial payment of 29.99 you can try it in your home for 30 days" that definately tells me it costs more than 29.99 and yes theybdid use air brushing in films and tv sets. But those same "ageless looking " celebs also pay thousands of dollors pre appearances for derma abrasion and radio frequency treatments and other procedures that only last for a few days.

I'm sorry your old confused and have been born with a genetic skin disorder. Also I understand it seems that you wish the beauty industry would stop trying to push unachievable images on women

They aren't in achievable . Is tpur young blessed or rich.

You just seem generally angry and it's misplaced. Good luck to you learn how to use Google and maybe instead of looking for people to blame make sure your doing everything possible ro achieve tour goals first.


Why don't you go to grammar school and learn proper English, or at least learn how to use spell check. I don't mind abbreviations, but your comments are close to being unreadable.


Agreed! :)

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