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Luminess Air is awesome, I mean really good.

I got my system back about 6 months ago and I bought it with installments. My husband was laid off from his job and I thought I not be able to afford the product and I really loved it. I called to return because of the financial problems I was having and I spoke with Ronnie. He was incredible. He said that he could make my payments lower and just stretch my term.

You people who think that customer service is not nice need to have gone through my experience. I got to keep the product and the payments are so affordable. Tell me who else would have helped me like that. This is the only company that had a heart and I will be faithful to them because of the way Ronnie helped me when I was at my lowest.

Monetary Loss: $309.

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#492289 doesn't just fade off, it rubs off like almost like I didn't eioflxate. But I've went and reapplied a full body tan the same day after I rubbed off the old tan (or dead skin?) and the same thing would happen again in about a week, it would start shedding off.

I can't complain about that though because the tan does last me about a week. It's just that it usually takes me about 3 days to get all of the tan off before I can reapply. I'm left with patchy spots then for a few days where I haven't got the tan off yet. I did try spraying every 3 days too thinking that would keep it on longer (and 3 full body sprays later) ALL of it came off, even the layer I applied the day before.

Maybe I just need to eioflxate every week and shed the tan off rather than it fade off? So I never do touch ups when I'm getting close to a week..I just wait , get all the old tan off, and apply a fresh layer. I wish I could have the fading effect though. It's annoying when I touch my skin and it starts to shed off because I then go ahead and start rubbing the rest of it off.

I'll try your damp cloth tip. How long after you apply the tan do you dab? I've tried moisturizing my hands an hour or so before I applied it thinking it wouldn't hold so much color and I didn't have any luck with that. The bad part about it is even though there's bronzer in the solution, you really don't know how dark it's gonna be till several hours later.

I always think I LIGHTLY sprayed my hands and then find out I sprayed too much, or I didn't spray some spots at all. Do you take your time on your hands almost like you're doing a fine detail job or do you just run the stylus over them like you're doing the rest of your body?


This review is soooo Fake. Hahahaah!


Read reviews JUST LIKE YOURS (probably also yours) elsewhere. How much do scamster spammers like yourself get paid?




people who LOVE the product and company come to websites called 'pissed consumer' to give it a glowing review. suuuuuuure...

lol glad you love the product.

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