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1. Written by Crystal Lynn, on 15-09-2008 18:01

I also have been charged 4 differnt times for the product back in march I ordered the product back in Jan. I turned around an canceled it 20 minutes later when the supervisor got on the phone an told me just to try it they would wave the shipping cost I received the product a few weeks later it was not at all what I thought it explodied all over me my bathroom so I returned it at the post office I got insurence on it well I did forget to put the c.d. in the box so I called the company right after I left the post office that is when they told me I had to go back up there an put an rn # on the box or it would be sent back an by time that would happen my 30 day return pol. would be void they were so mean but I went up to the post office an put the number on the package they told me not to worry about the c.d. well in march I was charged again 4 times in one month 29.95 twice an 49.95 twice I called the company an they said that they had not received the package that is when I told her how I sent it, she then said she would refund(inwhich they did not refund) my charges because the problem is because the postal service keeps there returns for 30 days for they get to many returns back she then told me if I was charged again to please contact the company again I never received any more charges well then just 2 weeks ago I received a call from the collection agents for them saying that I owe them we are talking 6 months later no phone calls from the company, no letters, no emails, no bills. This is so not a good company they frauglinely stole from my credit card when not authorized an now to here back from them no sorry from collections this is made me very very mad I have contacted the bbb on them but they are not helping but there office is in Dallas Texas an the storm just hit there, but I dont know what else to do. Please if you are having the same problem or any problem with the company please call or email me what they are doing is not right, we all need to stick together an fight please also contact the bbb better business bureau in Dallas Texas put your complain in they need to be investigated an they need to be punished for what they have done to me as well as others. My name is Crystal, we do not need to sit around an do nothing an let them steal from us I will do whatever I can but I need your help to....

This company is rued, they are liars, an they waited 6 months to contact me they say if I have a tracking number they will return the money they stole off my card, I no longer have the tracking number this company had told me that if I did not receive any other charges on my card that they had received it, they said this back in April it has been 5 months later when I contacted them just the other day they told me that they sent it to collections because they do not sent bills or contact me that it is up to me .

Review about: Luminess Air Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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The TX will do NOTHING except side with Luminess Air because they are getting a kickback!!!


Good Morning Crystal... I'm so sorry about your dilema, they make it so hard to get your money back.. you might call your local news station.. and speak to someone about being ripped off ..and companies hate to be dragged into the media... that is the only thing I can suggest..I know about all those scams, because I have been myself.. what I do is when I see something that I really want on the informercials... I wait for Walgrens or Longs to have it... it doesn't take long and when I buy it... there's no shipping charge and no hidden agenda's... and if you don't like it.. you can bring it back and get a refund immediately... with no problems.. so far I have bought quite a few items from Walgrens.. I even bought snuggies.. and yes it's a blanket with arms... and it covers me up while I sit and watch TV or read or just want to stay warm without being confined with tons of blankets when it's cold... there are alot of products that do work... but remember it's a struggle to deal with the company when you're better off waiting for it to be displayed through your convenience store or drug store... it saves alot of aggravation and stress..... I hope I gave you some help...

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