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I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. I was weary after reading

The reviews but she really.wanted it.

I made sure to buy it out right sense so many customers have problems with them keep charging. I made sure not to become a member.I didn't want them charging me every month. She just orders more makeup when needed. So I'm happy with the order. Daughter loves how the makeup goes on lawlessly. She did have to practice a lot. There's a technique you have to learn. Daughter uses is EVERYDAY and the bottle of foundation lasts her.TWO MONTHS.

When she first started using it she had the same complaints as some of the others here saying that they have to use a lot to cover all of her face. If you don't press down on the stylus button just right it won't work as advertised. It took her a good 2 or 3 weeks to become a pro at it.

She had had her Luminess air makeup system for almost 3 years now. Once it got clogged up real bad so she used hydrogen peroxide , put a few drops of that in where though normally put the make up in at. Use the stylus button and let that bubble up in there real good. It will break up dried crusty makeup real good. Then spray the hydrogen peroxide out through the point of the stylus until all gone. Then put a few drops of distilled water and spray that out to rinse the hydrogen peroxide out of there real good. ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER. Tap water had alot if calcium build up and it clogs the stylus. Daughter made that mistake and needed to take it apart and clean it out

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I forgot to add that you can the apart the stylus and put in to pot of boiling water. This helps clean out caked up makeup too.

But you won't have to do this if you rinse with distilled water after every use.

But we get busy sometimes and don't always have time to do the things we should do. So yea boiling water works great!

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